At Restoration Design, we often get questions about the kind of steel we use.

We use galvanneal steel, which is used in a lot of industries, with the biggest being the automotive industry.

A lot of other restoration shops use mild steel because it’s more cost-effective, but we prefer galvanneal. It’s also better than galvanized steel because it goes one step further in the production process: after it’s coated, it’s heated at super high temperatures, resulting in a higher corrosion resistance than other kinds of steel. This also means it has a longer shelf-life.

The main reason we prefer galvanneal steel over galvanized steel is that galvanized steel’s coating will flake, and galvanneal will not rust when exposed to water.

Watch our video to find out more about the difference that using galvanneal steel makes, and see some examples of Porsche restorations we’ve used galvanneal steel on.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the information to on galvanization and Galvanneal. the concept is beautifully explained. I do drive the passion in cars and therefore it was an exception to my knowledge that was shared in the video. Thanks for sharing appreciate you for sharing the post.

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