Interested in seeing more of our BMW 2002 restoration? In this video, Adam shows you how to install the rear shock towers and differential support on our 1972 model.

Our particular model was in rough shape. First, we took some measurements before we took out any parts. We’ll need these measurements when we put the new parts in.

If your car is beat up like ours, we recommend taking a look at the manufacturers’ specifications for their measurements as a guide. When you’re removing parts, make sure you have all of the necessary components. Not all of your new products will come with all of the parts, like rear seat mounts.

You might have to remove parts of the inner panels to take the towers out properly. If you have to do this, make sure you have the backup pieces you’ll need to replace any parts you cut out.

After you take out the towers, take advantage of having them out of the way to complete any necessary repair work around the wheels. We prepped all of the wheel wells and got them fitted for installation.

Before welding any part of your restoration project, be sure to do all of the necessary prep work including removing rust and prepping the area around your weld.

For more tips and tricks about this installation, check out our video!

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