Embarking on your very own Porsche 914 restoration? Our DIY rotisserie makes it easy.

By cutting all the proper lengths of 1 1/4” square tubing with proper angles, you can build this rotisserie to perfectly fit your 914.

Make sure you are measuring properly, and laying out the tubing to ensure you have all the proper lengths and angles before you weld them together.

We also use caster wheels – a 4” caster wheel is sufficient for home shops.

Building your own rotisserie around your 914 allows you to roll the car over easily, with the help of another person, so you can reach the underside and other angles of your car.

This same rotisserie can also be adjusted to fit a 356 or 911, depending on your restoration project.

Check out the video for specific instructions to build your rotisserie!

One Thought on “Build Your Own DIY-Rotisserie: Porsche 914

  1. Peter Arnoldi on March 2, 2020 at 4:07 am said:

    Your Rotisserie looks great, I have a 356c that needs bod rust repaired, do you have a cutting list and detailed plans suit my car.Iam aware that your panels are available in Australia.

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